7th Day of Christmas: Better Brella

Today’s recommendation is most untimely given that today was the record-coldest January 1 in Iowa history! But it’s a holiday, so I thought I’d keep today light, and perhaps it will make you think of warmer days, when rain is falling and you reach for your umbrella. When you do, maybe it will be a Better Brella–so named because it is better. Instead of folding down, so that the rain drips on you, it folds up, so the rain is contained!

We were introduced to this marvelous invention by my Auntie Margaret, because it dared to rain when we were in Richmond in the fall. (OK, well, it didn’t rain on those beautiful 75-degree days we had at Virginia Beach!) She pulled out her Better Brella, and once we got our heads around how it opened and closed, we were hooked. Santa brought Dan one for Christmas, and it’s on my birthday list in case anyone needs an idea.

It’s a little hard to wrap your head around this until you see it in action. Once it’s fully extended, it looks just like an ordinary umbrella. But when you close it, the edges fold up. If you’ve ever tried to use an umbrella while getting into or out of a car, you’ll quickly see the wisdom of this design. It solves that whole problem of closing a wet umbrella that drips on you as you bring it inside the car.

If you’d like a demonstration, I hope you’ll stop by. Watch for Dan singing in the rain one day this spring, and he’ll show you how it works!


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