3rd Day of Christmas: Air Fryer

From the sublime to the mundane, today’s offering is the air fryer–which we discovered via my Auntie Margaret during a stay with her in Richmond in late October.  Dan ordered one that arrived here the same day we flew home, and we have used it at least daily ever since.

The air fryer essentially operates as a small convection oven that doesn’t take time or energy to pre-heat. The “fryer” part of its name is a little misleading, although it can be used to cook sweet potato fries (my favorite!) or other fried foods that you might previously have prepared in a deep fat fryer.  We are enjoying those foods, without any of the fat content, and they come out crispy, hot and delicious.  It’s great for fish, fries, monkey bread, and other dishes that can be prepared in small quantities.

You do have to think small.  The cooking space is only so big.  It works well when you’re cooking for one or two, but for larger groups we find ourselves turning on the oven. And it takes quite a bit of space on the kitchen counter; we had to do some rearranging to make it work. But for now, at least, it has become a helpful addition to our kitchen!

Here’s a link to the one we have, in case you want to check it out.


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