4th Day of Christmas: Kindreds Podcast

Today’s find is a great podcast that debuted last summer:  Kindreds Podcast.  It’s really an extended, compelling conversation about all things faith, feminism and friendship, hosted by two young southern women:  Ashley Peterson and Katey Zeh.

I connected with Katey when she was working awhile back with the United Methodist Board of Church and Society in the area of reproductive health.  When she announced on Facebook that she and a friend were starting this podcast, I made sure to listen to the premier episode.  I haven’t missed one since.

I listen because Katey and Ashley bring a faith perspective and a breadth of human experience to matters that affect women, work, the church and our culture.  They share from a place of deep friendship, humor and reflection about their lives whose generation and geography are different from my own.  I appreciate the questions they have thought through, like what is “emotional labor,” and why might we reconsider the term “Ole Miss.”  Each episode ends with some book recommendations and other resources that are linked at their web page.  Here’s an example, from one of my favorite episodes, on what it means to be white.  These are such important conversations.

If you’re a young woman, care about young women (or women in general), wonder what young progressive women are thinking about, or wonder what a good, grounded female friendship might sound like, I hope you’ll check out Kindreds.  I think you’ll be glad you did.


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