The Christmas Angels

a Christmas Open House 2017 skit created by Kristi.  Offered here by permission.


The Christmas Angels


God, who we hear but never see


Command Angel

Angel 1

Angel 2

Angel 3

Angel 4

Angel 5

Choir Director


God: Command Angel?

Comm Angel: Yes God

God: I am sending the runner to you with a list of assignments that need to be made in advance of my son’s departure to earth.

Comm Angel: Oh, dear. We heavenly host are very worried about this plan to send Jesus to earth. Are you certain you want to proceed?

God: Yes. It has to be done to save these humans that I have created. I love them.

Comm. Angel: (nods in prayer) Thy will be done.

Runner: (dashes up to the Command Angel and hands her a sheet of paper) Special Delivery!

Comm. Angel: Thank you.

Runner: No, Thank you!

Comm. Angel: Oh my, I am going to need several good angels and probably the choir director too. (yells out) Angels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the choir director please report immediately to receive assignments!

(The angels enter and go stand by Comm. Angel)

Comm Angel: As you know, God is sending his son, Jesus to earth to redeem the humans he created. I have a number of assignments to make sure this all goes according toplan and trust each of you will do your part. Angel 1 you will be appearing to the women who will be the earthly Mother of Jesus. Her name is Mary and she has no idea yet that she will be playing a part in bringing Jeus to earth. She will be afraid and it is very important that you sooth her fears and give her confidence.

Angel 1: Oh my, she’s so young. Are you sure she can handle a job this daunting?

Comm Angel: It will be up to you to make sure she can.

Angel 1: I will do my best.

Comm. Angel: I know you will. Angel 2 you will be in charge of leading the brightest star in the sky, across heavens to the birthplace of Jesus. It’s important that you start this at the right coordinates because there are going to be three wise men who will follow the star.(hands a paper to Angel 2) Here are the coordinates.

Angel 2: Um, so I am leading these wise men to the Inn in Bethlehem?

Comm. Angel: More accurately, to the stable, next to the Inn.

Angel 2: A stable? That’s no place for the birth of baby Jesus!

Comm. Angel: I understand your concerns, but that is God’s plan.

Angel 2: God’s will be done.

Comm. Angel: Angel 3, you will be in charge of finding 3 wise men, who will believe and follow the star to Bethlehem

Angel 3: Where am I going to find 3 wise men? They’ll get lost. They won’t follow the star and they won’t ask for directions! Couldn’t we send wise women instead. They will get to the stable on time and bring clothes for the baby. And maybe a good casserole too!

Comm. Angel: No, its to be 3 wise men, no exceptions. They are to bring gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. You have to make sure they get there, on time! This is God’s plan.

Angel 3: God’s will be done.

Comm Angel: Angel 4, you are to appear to some shepherds, keeping watch over their flock by night. You are to announce the birth of Jesus. Give them the information on where God’s son has been born, so they can go and be witness to the birth.

Angel 4: It might be more impressive if I can take the Angel choir with me. A choir of angels singing praise to God will certainly get their attention.

Choir Director: I like that idea. I’ll put together a little number and rehearse it with the choir.

Comm Angel: That sounds lovely. You two work out the details and keep me informed. Angel 5, you will spread your mighty wings over the stable and protect the baby Jesus while the family is in Bethlehem.

Angel 5: I will clean and groom my wings so to be an impressive heavenly representative.

Comm. Angel: Okay, that’s it. That’s the plan. Any questions? Remember thisis important and we have to perform all of our tasks well. We are all part of God’s plan.

All Angels: God’s will be done.

The choir director and angels sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing and hopefully the audience joins in.

The End.